Art in the HeArt of Wyoming

Art in the HeArt of Wyoming
This past winter I had the awesome experience of hanging with the 2nd and 3rd grade art students and their groovy talented teachers at Gannett Peak Elementary in Lander Wyoming.

My love of collage is what I shared with the kids, and it was great to see them dive in and embrace the tearing and pasting of paper. These young students are gifted by an extraordinary art program at their school.

Art is something Fremont County doesn’t shy away from, and the results are evident as the students advance to the upper grades and learn more advanced techniques.

PALS (Promoting Art in Lander Schools) is an organization in Lander which brings artists of all genres
in to the schools to educate the kids. PALS is a program I have participated in for several years, and am hopeful that more programs like this can be planted and grow budding artists, as in our very fortunate community.

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