Art on The Green

Mid-August I had the privilege to participate in an art competition/exhibit in Green River, Wyoming.
It was the 15th Annual Art on the Green, a 24 hour competition.

In the 24 hours you have to work you must complete the artwork, and have it ready to exhibit,… framed, etc…
The level of talent at the show was amazing, and I was so pleased to be in this large room surrounded by such talent.

Shawna Pickinpaugh, one of my fellow Alchemy Artists Cooperative members was along side me working on her incredible
Qwink artwork ( check her work out ). Green River is Shawna’s old stomping ground, where she taught at one time, and several of her past students, now successful artists were also competing.

This was not just 2D work, but also 3D, so the sculptors were hard at it. It was hard not to watch others painting or sculpting.

I was tearing and gluing at a quick speed needed to finish my work in the allotted time, but I did it, with a little time to spare. It was really challenging and fun.
Once you were finished, your art was ready for a silent auction.

The Green River Arts Council hosted a lovely banquet afterward, where the the 3 judges were introduced.
I was pleased to receive 3rd Place in Artists Choice, and also 3rd place in Judges Choice in the 2D category.

I don’t know what next year hold for me in August, but if I am available I would love to be back in Green River, at Art on The Green.

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