Baby Bump Art

photoOnce mothers-to-be get over the initial excitement (or shock) of their pregnancy, and they start to prepare for the arrival of the little one, there is always the baby’s room to consider. What theme?  Hmmm, let’s see…..Pirates, Princess, Bunnies, Bees, or  Elephants?  There is the color pallet for the room, the crib, and finally something to fill the walls. That’s where I come in.  What fun I’ve had working with young moms-to-be to create a piece of very original artwork for their nurseries.  The gal and her baby bump use a canvas and non-toxic paint to create a great base surface for a collage. After the paint dries on the canvas, and the belly is wiped clean, we start on the process of collage.  It is a time of creative bonding for the mom and baby as they work on their first art project together.

randipreg tessprego2 Randipregart

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