Boiler Room Barn Ministry

Boiler Room Barn Ministry

Recently I heard from an old friend, who was catching me up with what’s new in his life. It seems like a lot actually, as he shared about a new ministry in an old barn, yep, a barn.
The other news was Jesus was there at the barn. Jesus, the one I am writing about is a collage I created about 13 years ago, for a Good Friday Church Service. This piece of art was
raw and real, and it was powerful as I worked on it.

Jesus wound up in Bill’s office, and then after time Bill ( along with Jesus) moved from Texas to California, and then to New Hampshire, where the art is now displayed at the Boiler Room Barn Ministry.

After all the time on the road Jesus has a few new creases, less crown of thorns, etc… but hopefully still has the spirit I tried to apply as I glued each scrap of paper, each image, each prayer.

It is nice when you set your work free, you never know where it might wind up,…it could surprise you.

If you ever pass through a small town called Epping, New Hampshire look for the Boiler Room Barn Ministry, I know you will be blessed by stepping inside. Jesus will be waiting, creased and broken.

Boiler Room Barn Ministry
Epping, New Hampshire

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