A Cooperative, It’s Not a Job, It’s an Adventure

ALCHEMY the artists’ cooperative that I am part of has survived our first year, and it has been good.

There has been a big learning curve, which has been okay, because it has taught us a lot about ourselves, our art, and our community. The community in which I live is diverse for a small town in Wyoming. Lander supports the arts, and they have supported ALCHEMY: an artists’ cooperative. The tourists that come through Lander and our gallery have been from all over the world, and they have been a pleasure to visit. But it is always our home town folks that keep it real. They show up to see our new work, and partake in our goofy gatherings.

Some of our original artists have had to leave us (life gets in the way), and new artists will come and fill the shelves and walls with their goods. Through it all ALCHEMY hopefully will still be here next year,..sharing art in small town America.

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