Family Tradition

DSC_0004There is a wonderful Russian tradition in iconography for welcoming new babies into a family. It is creating the little one’s own icon, with very specific dimensions. The board is cut the exact length the child was at birth.  If the child has been named after a saint, the icon could be of that particular saint, or if they do not have a saint name the iconographer might choose a Guardian Angel for the icon (as I have in this particular work).  Another specialized item which I have added to the icon is a gemstone, representing the month the child was born. In this detail photo of the icon, you can see there is a aquamarine placed in the breastplate. This custom icon will be one which is treasured by the recipient, and as they grow and get older, it can be passed on to a child of their own. My favorite part of creating this type of icon is the opportunity to pray for the child and their future as I work.

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