Finished, or is it?

DSC_0040_0 DSC_0037_0 DSC_0025_2Once finished, an icon should then be blessed.  It is a sacred moment to see your icon, which you have worked on so heartfelt and carefully,  be anointed and prayed over.  There is a sense of peace that is felt.  The icon with it’s human made imperfections mysteriously expresses the perfect world of the kingdom of heaven. The icons created by the students, and  communal icon created by myself and my teaching partner/ friend, seem to have a melding of God’s strength, peace, and protection shining through Saint Michael.

At the end of the last day we had our icons blessed at a lovely outdoor sanctuary. The pastor who presided over the service was inspired with the words spoken, as he anointed each icon .  This was my favorite part of the workshop,…seeing each individual come together not just with their labor of love, but with each other during such a precious moment in time. There was a stillness and peace on each face at the service.

Is an icon finished at this point? Well in a physical way,..yes. But in a spiritual way,…it has just started. Over the years ( centuries would be nice), it will have many a person gaze at it, ponder in front of it, and lift prayers to God before it.  Peace be with you this day.

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