In December 2023 fruition came after working on a long-term project. I was commissioned to write 10 icons for the altar area of St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Auburn NE.

I did not take this opportunity lightly, as I know the icons will be in place for generations to come.

As I spent time writing the icons, my prayers were focused on the parishioners now and the parishioners of the future.

I had two icons that were very interesting to me. One icon was Mary punching the devil, or as the priest and I named it, Mother Mary, Protector of Souls.

The other icon image that was new to me, and possibly a figure rarely created, was Joseph’s Unnamed Mother. A figure whom we know existed, but little is known. For this reason, I partially hid her face under a thin veil of woven fabric, as to represent the mystery that surrounds this figure.

Over the few years I was working on the icons for St. Joseph’s I was having difficulty with my vision. I needed to have eye surgery more than once and also continued to have injections in one eye. At times I wondered if I would be able to finish this work entrusted to me, but with their patience and my perseverance, we reached our end goal.

Thank you to those past, present, and future of St. Joseph’s Parish for inviting this iconographer to do what she truly loves.

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