Icon Alter Show

The Lander Art Center currently is presenting the “Altars, Shrines, Icons, Mandalas & Retablos” art show — religious and spiritual art from diverse cultures.  The show lasts through May 2.

The exhibit is about the construction of hope and empowerment by artists through individual, cultural or traditional symbols.  Through this exhibition, individuals can see how stories gain significance through imagery.

The love and dedication artist pour into these pieces is exemplified by these works.  The show features icons by Lander artist Melissa Strickler, former Lander resident Laurie Gudim and John Macik, son of Luke and lisa Macik of Lander.  Also featured are altars by Susan Grinels, Chris Parr and Sonjia Weinstein, photography by Neelon Crawford and Sara Wiles and multi-media works by Andie Burns, Richard Gould and Sally Watt as well as images collected by Lander Art Center members in their travels in Asia and Latin America.

For more information visit the Lander Art Center, 224 Main St., call 332-5772, email landerartcenter@bresnan.net or visit www.landerartcenter.com

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