Meet Melissa Strickler, talented local artist, beekeeper & teacher

by County 10
Riverton / Lander, Wyoming

(Fremont County, Wyo.) – Melissa Strickler has always considered herself an artist. In fact, she can’t remember a time when she wasn’t creating art. She’s a painter and iconographer, but also considers herself to be “an artist who will never get tired of learning and trying new things.”

“Art is endless,” Melissa told County 10. “The possibilities of what you can use and how you apply it to create something is such an individual thing.” Currently she has a collection of pollen from a bee hive and will use it as a pigment for paint. “I don’t know yet if it’ll work, but I know it will be fun to see what happens. I like to use natural products from the earth for some of my artwork. I love being in the studio, in my own thoughts, working,” Melissa said.

Melissa works part time at ALCHEMY in Lander and is also part of the artists’ cooperative. When she’s not creating art, she and her husband are hobbyist beekeepers. Melissa creates some hive related products called ‘Bee Goddess’ which can be found at Global Arts.


On Tuesday, June 7th Melissa will be instructing a workshop called “Glue of Life” at the Riverton Library. Once a week during the month of June The Riverton Library has put together a different type of featured, glue related art.

This is the second year Melissa was invited to help with the program, and on June 7th she’ll be sharing her knowledge about natural forms of art products such as rabbit skin glue, propolis, shellac, encaustic, egg yolk, and egg white. The students will make a small art project so everyone can get a feel of using these natural products. The class will be 2 hours, directed toward adults and teens.

If you’re interested in the Library’s art program you can register by stopping by the Riverton Library or calling 856-3556. There is a 20 person limit.

Feature photo: Melissa along with some of her icons and one of her collages.

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