Sacred South

6.Shattered WingsI will be heading to the deep South soon, for a taste of spring (it might be a while before it finds its way to Wyoming).

My parents were both originally from the South, so I have roots that will always be there,… and I guess for that reason I need to get “my fix” about once a year.  On this trip I am looking forward to seeing some new sites and  exploring the art, the culture, the music,… well and of course the food.

I love the old spiritual music from the South, and I am hoping to find and enjoy musicians which focus on that particular genre.  “Do Lord” is one of my all time favorite spiritual tunes, and the lyrics were part of the inspiration of my collage “Shattered Wings”.  In the collage I use everything from a pair of beaded sandals, glass from a broken church window, skeleton keys from Jim (read past blog), brochure from a ” Jesus Christ Super Star” performance, etc…

I was recently contacted by the Episcopal Art Cafe Blog. They wanted to feature ” Shattered Wings” in their current blog. It is nice to think “Shattered Wings”  will reach more people through this cool blog. I encourage you to check it out. There is a lot of inspirational material on their site.

I am sure on my return trip home I will have a head full of new and creative thoughts, that I will want to get to work on ASAP.

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