8. Ski Naked, It Is-800It must be the time of year that people are in touch with their inner naked skier. On Christmas Eve two Giclee (zhee-klay) on canvas sold within an hour of each other, and today I got a call to see if I had more on hand as folks had come in looking for them at Global Arts. “Ski Naked, It Is…” aka “The Naked Skier” was inspired by photos in a 1945 Health and Sunshine Magazine that my family found years ago in my grandfather’s trunk. I had tucked it away for years, but finally it surfaced again and inspiration arose.  Health and Sunshine Magazine…. Never heard of it?  Well, I don’t know if the magazine has been in publication for several decades, once was a magazine dedicated to promoting nudist colonies in America. This little publication has given me more than a single inspiration,…but the others are still in the works.

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