The Buzz

QueenbeeIt is a wonderful sight to see the honey bees buzzing around our digs. It is a sign of warm weather, blossoming plants, and a promise of fresh honey later in the summer.

The bees and beekeeping make me happy, is just that simple.  They are industrious and orderly,  they work for the common good of their fellow bees, and take care of their personal space (the hive) , along with providing a service to the world ( pollination) around them.   We could all take a lesson from the honey bees.

Besides these little creatures providing liquid gold to be enjoyed, they also provide other goods from the hive which I’ve been using to create my Bee Goddess products. I am making an all over dry skin balm, sea salt scrub, and now a lip balm.

I am also inspired by the honey bee to create a different form of work. Encaustic is the process of using wax to create art.  After rendering my own beeswax and mixing it with pigment I can then use it in a way that some might think is similar to painting. The application of the encaustic is very different than applying paint, but the details will need to be described in another blog down the road.

I plan on beekeeping for years to come,….I know they have many more lessons to teach me.


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