The Higher the Hair the Closer to God, Well Then……

Okay, I like that saying, especially when it is attached to an image of Dolly Parton, because we all love Dolly.

Lately I have been working on a big piece of art, and it has been so much fun. It is one of my mixed media pieces, collage along with oil paint.
It has been a little bit like playing Twister as I have worked on it.
On more than one occasion my one-foot balancing has not gone well, and I have found my foot in paint. Humbled, I then hop off the canvas.
Oh well, just another paint and glue mess to clean.

I love working on detailed work,… basically working until yours eyes can’t focus on anything more than 2 feet in front of you (iconographer’s will understand this). BUT, I also love working on big, and even bigger art, where tiny details don’t matter, but instead I have to challenge myself to see the big picture, literally.

So, if The Higher the Hair, the Closer to God, well then the bigger I work, the closer to heaven. That’s what it feels like to me.

The Garden Party Exhibition, coming June 7 – July 20, 2019

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