What is a garden party to you?

The Lander Art Center has asked the four artists to give their Artist Statement for the Garden Party Exhibition.

The question was asked to us, “What is a garden party to you?”

Keeper of the Garden, Oil on Aluminum, 30"x 30"

Melissa Strickler – Artist Statement

Grandmother’s red Cana Lilies growing through her rickety fence, with lightening bugs dancing all around,… this is my image of a Garden Party.

Grandpa’s multi-color Zinnias, thick and waist high lining the outside of his gas station, and customers picking some flowers to take home with them,…this is my image of a Garden Party.

Mother’s bright orange Poppies waving gently in the wind, and the purple Iris releasing their spicy scent in the air as the evening sun sets on a sky of coral,…this is my image of a Garden Party.

Dad’s determined spirit to grow roses in soil that was un-forgiving, and always taking time to push his kids, and then grandkids in the well-worn wheelbarrow,…this is my image of a Garden Party.

Along with my husband, I watch as our honeybees methodically extract nectar from the flowers, and retrieve pollen, then back to the hives they go.

They don’t mind us, and we are intrigued by them. This is my image of a Garden Party.

The colors, scent, and sounds of gardens and gardeners I have known inspired my work for this exhibition.

Take a moment and close your eyes, and visit a long forgotten garden.

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